Bespoke organisational development

Sometimes, being just outside an organisation is the best way to see it clearly. Our experience and expertise across the palliative care sector means we know what best practice looks like, and what you need to do to achieve it. That puts us in the perfect position to create an operational model that suits your patients, priorities and plans.

Why you might need us

If we’re already working with you, we may have spotted a strategic issue, a team dynamic or a gap in provision which we believe we could help you improve. Alternatively, you may have your own concerns about your processes or practice, and be keen to get external input. Either way, we have the skills and knowledge to make a tangible difference.

What we offer

We don’t have an off-the-shelf package for organisational development. Instead, we will talk to you about what you want, add in our own insights based on what we’ve observed, and design a bespoke model to match your needs. The consistent thread is our high standard of governance; all the services we provide will be overseen by our Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), as well as being fully compliant with CQC key lines of enquiry.

What you will get from us

Working with us to create a bespoke operational model will help you:

Identify parts of your processes or provision which aren’t working as well as they should
Create an operating model which meets or exceeds sector-agreed standards
Give your team full confidence that they are working in a safe, supported environment
Develop a reputation as a centre of excellence, which will support recruitment and retention
Add an extra layer to your own governance, with weekly reviews from our QAC
The team at Supportive Care UK understand the demands and challenges of palliative care, and the services they offer meet these perfectly. And everyone on their team – from the CEO to the consultants to the administration staff – is very easy to work with.
Zoe Smith, Head of Service for Palliative Care, Medway Community Healthcare