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It can be hard to open up to a psychiatry consultant if you do not connect with them on a personal level. So we have chosen two specialists you can trust to provide the perfect blend of care and expertise.

Our consultants are well-respected specialists, with the ability to manage complex mental health conditions and a reassuring, compassionate approach to patient care.

Ankush Singhal
Meet Dr Singhal

Our specialist areas

Our expert consultants will carry out a detailed assessment, and work with you to explore the best approaches to take. They have in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide range of psychiatric conditions.

Bipolar disorder
Depression and anxiety disorders
Phobias and fears
Psychotic disorders
Trauma related problems and PTSD
Sleep disorders
Stress and adjustment difficulties
Anger and stress management
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Low self-esteem, paranoia and emotional dysregulation
Adult ADHD
Personality and lifestyle related difficulties
Psychological difficulties linked to cancer and other health problems
Medically unexplained and functional illnesses
Pregnancy and childbirth related psychological difficulties
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Meet our psychiatry specialist

Ankush Singhal
Dr Ankush Singhal
Psychiatry and Psycho-oncology Specialist

Qualifications: MBBS, MD, FRCPsych (with an endorsement in Liaison Psychiatry)

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi,Urdu

Special Interests: Dr Singhal has a range of specialist areas, including bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, depression and anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and PTSD. He can help with psychological difficulties linked to conditions such as COPD, heart problems, cancer and chronic pain. He also supports patients with stress-related concerns, including workplace and relationship issues and bereavement.

Based in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area, Dr Singhal has more than 20 years experience in mental health, including his training in various places in the UK and abroad and his work as a consultant psychiatrist in the UK since 2010. He has extensive experience in treating patients with a variety of mental health difficulties.  

He believes in holistic care and a collaborative approach with patients' values and aspirations at its heart, working with them in partnership, focusing not only on medical treatment but also on lifestyle, stress management, coping strategies, socio-occupational functioning and principles of behavioural therapies. He also recommends referrals to other experts (eg. talking therapies) as and when needed.

Besides his clinical practice, Dr Singhal has also published widely in peer reviewed international journals. He also serves at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK as an executive committee member and examiner for MRCPsych exams. He trains, teaches and supervises junior psychiatric doctors and appraises other consultants.

His contributions to the field of mental health have been recognised by the NHS in the form of Clinical Excellence Awards and as Fellowship by the Royal College of Psychiatry (FRCPsych). He is extremely popular amongst his patients and colleagues, with consistently good feedback and compliments.  

Dr Singhal also offers specialist assessment and management for adult ADHD.