Why Supportive Care?

We are a national network of senior medical consultants from a range of different specialties.

Our specialist teams include oncologists, supportive and palliative care consultants, pain medicine specialists, acute medicine physicians, endocrinologists (adult and paediatric) and psychiatrists.

We work in a unique way as a medical chambers which means that we can provide a range of services that are not available elsewhere.

Child Patient Services

Does your child have problems with:

– Growth
– Early or delayed puberty
– Adrenal problems and insufficiency
– Obesity
– Thyroid disorders and goitre
– Gynaecomastia
– Abnormal genital shape and size
– or bone diseases?

Adult Patient Services

Are you a cancer survivor ?

Are you affected by the symptoms of cancer ?

Have you been diagnosed with cancer ?

Are you supporting someone with cancer ?

Are you needing psychological support ?

Do your pain symptoms require management ?

Do you need clinical support for your progressive illness ?

Our Consultants can provide expert care across the following specialities: