We can offer:

  • 24/7 specialist telephone advice line/s
  • Highly qualified, skilled team of consultants
  • Premises-based specialist clinical nurse
  • Professional medical services & training
  • Full administrative & secretarial support
  • Emergency remote cover
  • Professional development for specialists


The service has always been consistently high with availability of consultants to support not only patients and their families, but also our staff and the primary consultant in charge of the patients’ care.  There is a strong ethos of collaboration between consultants delivering end of life care and symptom control.  Both of Doctor Berman’s teams make a crucial difference to the patient pathway and the outcomes of care.

Chief Operating Officer
The Christie Clinic

Supportive Care aims to promote the operation, development and growth of specialist Supportive Care Services.

Our National Network of Palliative Consultants can facilitate a variety of services to NHS and private hospitals across the country.

These include:

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