Our system of governance

Our services are provided to you by experts qualified and regulated in palliative care, and we have systems in place to ensure accountability for continuously improving the quality of our services to maintain a provision which is:

Well led
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At the beginning of every new partnership, we assign a relationship manager and arrange a dedicated meeting to understand and assess your needs and agree the right level of support.

We keep your needs under regular review to optimise the benefits of our services to your clinicians and patients.

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All consultant recommendations are documented and shared through an encrypted system. We have the largest UK database of clinical palliative care advice driving better outcomes for the sector.  Protecting this valuable resource is paramount and we do this by storing it in an anonymised format within a state-of-the art secure private network for health and social care (HSCN).

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Using this information, we create a weekly report for our Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), which sets out the issues, decisions and outcomes that our consultants have overseen for your organisation. This report is also shared with your leadership team.

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Our consultants oversee a range of issues, decisions, and recommendations, all of which undergo weekly review as part of our rigorous quality assurance process. The overarching Clinical Review Team consists of leaders and experts in the field of palliative care, and includes our Medical and Clinical Directors to ensure the highest standards of service to you at all times.

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We provide partners with comprehensive feedback, pinpointing knowledge gaps and offering recommendations for enhancement. Our robust monitoring and governance system complements your own, empowering you to recognise areas of excellence and address any concerns, ultimately optimising your organisation's performance.

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Through sharing our detailed feedback we support your teams to identify and implement improvement. This joined-up approach has consistently led to increased confidence, reduced stress and implementation of latest evidence-based practice.  All of this leads to better outcomes for your patients.

Information security

Looking after data is paramount. Each of our contracts clearly set out how we protect and share data between us. We implement data sharing agreements which set out our and your responsibilities for information gathered as part of our Services.

We have in place robust data protection and information security policies and procedures and we train our staff on how to use them.  We keep our systems under regular review to ensure that they remain up to date and fit for purpose.

Our Quality Assurance Committee

Charlotte Healey


Professor Matt Makin

Medical Director

Dr Rasha Al-Qurainy

Clinical Director

Paula Hall

Nurse Director, CQC Registered Manager
Our consultants are all on the GMC specialist register, and have Royal College qualifications and a CCT in palliative medicine.