Our system of governance

As well as delivering safe, expert support and advice, we provide clear evidence that we’ve done so to the highest of standards. We also deliver regular feedback from our team to yours, believing that every communication is an opportunity to learn best practice and improve patient care.
This system of monitoring and governance adds an extra layer to your own, helping you identify areas of excellence and concern, and providing recommendations for further development. Here’s how it unfolds.

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We begin every new working relationship with a site visit, carried out by our Lead Operational Nurse, to understand and assess your needs and agree the right level of support.
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We record every piece of advice that our consultants give, and every decision that’s made, on a fully encrypted system. As well as being a useful reference tool for your own organisation, it is helping us build a huge database of clinical palliative care advice driving better outcomes across the sector.
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Using this information, we create a weekly report for our Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), which sets out the issues, decisions and outcomes that our consultants have overseen for your organisation. This report is also shared with your leadership team.
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Our QAC, which includes our Medical Director, CEO and Lead Operational Nurse, review and assess the detail within the report. This not only provides checks and balances, but also highlights any gaps in knowledge or provision.
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We share the feedback from our QAC with your organisation, including any recommendations we feel are necessary. This helps your team learn from our experience, and gives you the information you need to make changes to your service.
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As a result of this review and feedback process, your team continues to learn and improve, leading to increased confidence, reduced stress and higher standards. All of which will lead to better outcomes for your patients.

Our Quality Assurance Committee

Charlotte Healey
Charlotte Healey
Professor Matt Makin
Professor Matt Makin
Medical Director
Paula Hall
Paula Hall
Nurse Director
Dr Rasha Al-Qurainy
Clinical Director
Our consultants are all on the GMC specialist register, and have Royal College qualifications and a CCT in palliative medicine.