Training and development

Sometimes, working outside an organisation is the best way to see it clearly. Our experience and expertise across the palliative care sector means we know what best practice looks like, and what you need to do to achieve it. That puts us in the perfect position to help you create an operational model that suits your patients, priorities and plans.

Why you might need us

If we’re already working with you, we may have spotted a strategic issue, a team dynamic or a gap in provision which we believe we could help you improve. Alternatively, you may have your own concerns about your clinicians’ knowledge, processes or practice, and be keen to get external input. Either way, we have the skills and knowledge to make a tangible difference.

What we offer

We will design a plan of action that matches your specific needs. This could include: reviewing your clinical notes and assessing the robustness of your advice; running team facilitation sessions to support better collaboration; or providing ad-hoc or regular teaching on key topics or issues.

All the services we provide will be overseen by our Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), and fully compliant with CQC key lines of enquiry.

What you will get from us

We will act as a critical friend, using our knowledge and insights to help you:

Identify parts of your processes or provision which aren’t working as well as they should
Have confidence in your clinical record-keeping and the quality of your advice
Educate and upskill your teams in areas or processes where you feel there are gaps
Develop supportive team dynamics which allow every member to do their best work
Add an extra layer to your own governance, with weekly reviews from our QAC
The review has highlighted the changes that the clinical team needed to make, to change their practice to one of empowerment for the lower grades in the outreach team. The really good quality report and clear verbal debrief have enabled us to feed back more fully to the workforce. Many thanks.
Jan Thirkettle, Clinical Director, Hospice in the Weald