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Halton Haven Hospice, Runcorn

Project summary

Supporting patient care, staff well-being and professional development within a large hospice in Cheshire.


Halton Haven Hospice is a 12-bed unit based in Runcorn, run by 96 staff, of which 40 are clinicians. They serve a wide area, looking after between 160 and 180 patients in a given year.

The challenge

When the hospice’s senior consultant retired in 2019, the Halton Haven team were left with a provision gap which they were unable to fill. They had previously had a six-month period without consultant-level support and so knew how devastating a similar experience would be on the team and their patients. Having carried out extensive due diligence, they felt confident that we could provide what they needed.

Our solution

Our initial agreement was for two board rounds each week, on Mondays and Fridays, and second-on-call support when needed. After a few months, impressed by our high level of governance and communication, the CEO asked us to include monthly clinical supervision for three medical officers, to improve their skills and support their CPD.

Impact and outcomes

The CEO at Halton Haven is clear that working with us provides continuity of care for patients, and confidence and growth opportunities for staff. It has encouraged the clinical team to develop their problem-solving skills, take the initiative and make suggestions within an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. The team are united in believing that their partnership with SCUK is a real advantage.

My team and I are very proud of the innovative approach we have taken to providing end-of-life care with a difference, in line with the NHS 10-year plan. Working with Supportive Care UK gives me the reassurance that my team have the support they need, when they need it, which in turn means our patients are getting the best possible care.
Viv Culleton, CEO, Halton Haven Hospice

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